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How to Automate My Home: The Guide every DIY Enthusiast will Love

JACI Vectors - smart home icon The tech stack at our disposal is growing and continues to amaze us. The question of ‘what can technology do’ has changed to ‘what can’t it do?’. Whether you’re a house proud DIY-er or tech enthusiast, how to automate my home is a thought that would have crossed your mind from the time you bought your first smartphone.

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Home Automation Resiliency

While home automation systems have been revolutionizing how technology is integrated into our homes and domestic life, the resiliency of those automation systems has given homeowners and building professionals alike many headaches.
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Three Home Automation Quick Wins


Our recommendations for upgrading residential buildings with home automation equipment are simple enough for anyone to follow.

The benefits of living in a smart home – complete with automated lighting, window blinds, doors and security cameras – make managing a home more accessible and entertaining.

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